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Terminus Episode 72 - Sorguinazia, Dark Fog Eruption, Neoplasia, Harul Vinay

October 30, 2021

We're a little late with this one- TDMG had to get the firmware of his MKULTRA chip upgraded so he was laid up for a couple days. But what's more important than his improved 5G reception and newfound need to explore the Marvel Cinematic Universe is that we have a new episode for all our children. Usually there's a binding thematic thread of some kind for these episodes, but definitely not on this one- we're exploring all corners of extreme music this time.

Opening the episode is the debut full-length of Sorguinazia, who play with the expectations of Candian war metal by providing, instead, a dedicated and traditional interpretation of 2nd wave black metal. The rhythms are complex and the presentation is vicious, but the cold, black heart of Mayhem beats steady just under its surface. Why did we stop calling things "necro" anyway?

Next is Dark Fog Eruption, a one-man project from Japan playing a style of black metal hard to pin down. Laced with heavy metal, DSBM, and minimal interpretations of soaring Swedish black/death, this is a project with tendrils extending into multiple dimensions of underground black metal in search for a precise center. Is there a Japanese black metal sound? It's hard to say- but we have a good discussion over what it might be.

After our break comes Neoplasia, a needling, sadistic, and deliberately distressing take on tech death from Argentina. Now featuring the legendary Lord Marco behind the drums, Neoplasia makes music that recalls your first memories of hearing Necrophagist or Spawn of Possession, but filtered through hideous, blood-flecked industrial machinery and played at double speed. This might be the fastest and most technically accomplished record we've ever covered on the show.

Wrapping things up, we abruptly switch gears with the debut record by Harul Vinay, a Himalayan neofolk artist who merges both European and subcontinental instrumentation with an insistent streak of black metal songwriting technique. TBMG takes the helm here (being the one who actually knows things about this kind of music) and prompts a discussion about what defines neofolk, how metal music relates to it, and where this project can develop in the future.


0:00:00 - Intro

0:07:59 - Sorguinazia - Negation of Delirium (Iron Bonehead)

0:49:36 - Dark Fog Eruption - 忘却と絢爛の幻想 (The Illusion of Oblivion and Opulence) (Independent)

1:31:04 - Interlude - Hakuja - “Dew of Blood,” fr. Legacy (Independent, 2007 / Apparitia Recordings, 2008)

1:36:09 - Neoplasia - Stirring Clots (Grinder Cirujano Records)

2:17:49 - Harul Vinay - भराड़ी घाट ("Bharari Ghat")  (Old Mill / ltd. tape on Italian label Frozen Woods)

3:01:18 - Outro - Great American Desert - “Death Shall Be My Name” fr. Warring Against the Sun/Solipsis (Autumn Wind Productions, 2006) (Likely still available from some underground distros but long out of print.)


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